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There’s just something about Amsterdam weed that makes you want more and more of it, and that’s probably what the duo at DNA Genetics was anticipating with Golden Lemon. Sometimes seen as a plural, Golden Lemons, this bud is a cross between Jew Gold Cut and Lemon Skunk. The result is a slightly indica-dominant bud that’s big on flavor and strong in effect.

A fairly consistent 23%-25% THC levels can be found here, inviting more experienced users to indulge in a strong treat. Highly resinous buds take on a bit of a flat silhouette with minimal pistils and small yet golden trichomes. As you’d expect from the name, both flavors and aromas take on a citrus note along with some sweetness and woodiness that helps to create a well-rounded bouquet.

3A-Golden Lemon-25%THC - $100/2oz

PriceFrom C$40.00
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