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Green Buddha is the premier cannabis delivery service & dispensary, offering same day(30 mins-2hr) Free delivery in Ottawa & Gatineau (Addresses further than 10km outside Ottawa may be charges for delivery. We also offer Mail orders across Canada .Minimum order is $50 for deliveries, and minimum order for Canada-wide Mail is $50+$25 and we ship it by  Express mail(2-4 Days). We pride ourselves in consistency and are dedicated to serving you the finest grade of products at the best prices. We offer a wide variety of cannabis products including; graded cannabis flowers, concentrates and hash, edibles and vape pens. Sign up to become a member and receive our weekly Deals and Giveaways. Sign up to be a Member.

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  • Q. How do I make an order?

    Q. How much is the minimum order?

    •  A. The minimum order is $50 for deliveries.(Cash Only)

    • A. The minimum order is $50+$25 for Mail orders.

  • Q. How long does it take to receive my order?   

    • A. #0 Minutes to 2 hours for Deliveries in Ottawa & Gatineau.

    • A. 2-4 days for Express mail orders Across Canada.

  • Q. How can i order as a First-Time Customer?

    • A. Contact us Through the Website, Phone, Email.

    • A. All First-Time Clients must include a Photo ID to order or to sign up and become a member to our Website and Community.

  • Q. How can I pay for my order?

    • A. We accept cash upon delivery. (Orders over $400 might need a deposit or the full amount paid in advance by E-Transfer or Cryptocurrency.

  • Q. What are the Hours of Operation?

    •  12:00pm-8:00pm

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